Executive Mama

I’ve worked since I was 15 years old. Some years I worked because I wanted the challenge, the recognition, the opportunity to contribute and some years I worked because I wanted to eat! I’ve waited tables, stocked grocery shelves, sold Prom dresses, taught speech communication at a Big 10 university, re-designed processes for a manufacturer, created a gazillion communication and change management plans . . .for IT systems, mergers, reorganizations. I’m married, with two daughters. I read, I lead a Girl Scout Troop, I workout (not enough to make up for the Girl Scout cookies), and I’m an Executive Officer at FranklinCovey.

That’s what this blog category is about: Being an Executive Mama. Choosing to be an executive mama.

Women have more choices as to how to mix career and family than any previous generation. And yet, some don’t aspire to leadership roles, particularly executive roles, because of the perception that the only acceptable executive style is paternalistic command and control. Others want executive status and a rich family life, possibly including children, but don’t see a path to doing both AND living to tell about it. This blog will encourage realistic optimists to make conscious choices about their leadership style, strive for executive influence in influential organizations including business and government, and to provide a map as to the decisions to be made in order to earn the right to be called both
“executive” and “mama” in the same lifetime.

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