Great Work, Great Career

Some of the really interesting questions that keep popping up regarding Great Work, Great Career are related to challenges:  unemployment; socioeconomic challenges including poverty and education levels, race, gender, age; you name it, I’ve been asked  about how GWGC addresses challenges.There is a great quote that says, “When you see a man on top of a mountain, you can be sure  he wasn’t dropped there.” And, in effect, people who ask the “challenges” questions are saying, “Right, but some people were helicoptered to the ledge just below the top and some started out in the swamp 100 miles west of the base of the mountain. Some people have an easier hike.” I agree. And then I ask, “Based on all of your unique challenges, what are you going to do right now to become who you want to be and doing what you want to do?” This question does not ask you to stick your head in the ground and ignore your challenges. You must acknowledge them and, in some cases, accept them. Then make a choice to focus on the things you can influence, not on the things that you cannot. If you are not self-sufficient, take a job that pays your bills.

While you contribute your best at that job, uncover your talents and passions, look for problems in the workplace to which you can apply those strengths, and if you need additional training or education to pursue your great contribution, work toward it gradually. How many people do you know that started in the swamp only to reach the pinnacle of the mountain after years of work? Yes, there is luck at play.
And luck favors the prepared.

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