Keys to Success at Work

Be a Solution, Not a Problem

There will never be a lack of problems to solve or challenges to address at work.  True contributors acknowledge the problem and invest most of their energy on what they can do to influence a solution.  Very little positive change occurs from whining/complaining and pointing out what others should be doing.


Engagement Starts With You

You are responsible for being present and engaged in your work and in your life.  Yes, some leaders/families are better at creating the conditions for engagement, but in the end, you are responsible.  At work, tap into your head, heart, and hands.  Head: Are you bringing thoughtfulness, creativity, and intelligence to your day?  Heart: Can you remind yourself how your work brings you meaning?  Hands: Are you getting stuff done?  In a sustainable way (e.g., building relationships, staying physically and mentally healthy)?


Action Trumps Words

It is one thing to talk about what you value, it is another thing to behave in alignment with those values, particularly in difficult or stressful situations.  If you say that Integrity is your most important value but talk about people behind their backs instead of addressing conflicts effectively, I would suggest that your behavior says that you don’t really value Integrity.  Or at least not enough to do something about it.  We judge ourselves based on our intentions, but others can only know us based on our behaviors.


Define Your Unique Contribution

Every human being has a unique light to shine in the world.  Our life’s work is to discover that light and unleash it, both personally and professionally.  What unique talents do you have?  What are you passionate about?  And what does your conscience tell you that you must contribute?  Link that desired contribution up to a need that exists in the Village, and your fire within will sustain you through the inevitable challenges we all face at work.

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