Kick Your Immunity to Change

Anyone out there have teenagers, too many e-mails, health problems, a broken/leaky something in the house, aging parents, stressful work, or a lawn that was attacked by spider ants?  And if you had spider ants did you know that if you have a South-facing lawn, you have to water into the late Fall or the spider ants will eat up and kill your lawn? (Who knew?)

And are these anxiety-driving elements in your life mitigated a bit by the fact that you drive the same way to work, work on a computer system you mastered a few years ago, read reports that have the same columns they have had since 2008, and work with a predictable set of people?

I read something that struck home in a book called Immunity to Change: How to Overcome it and Unlock the Potential in Yourself and your Organization.

The authors said that our “way of knowing the world serves as a way to manage persistent anxiety,” and that is why all of us have such a difficult time with change (some more than others).  It isn’t logical, not at all.  But on top of everything in the first paragraph, we “just can’t take” changing the way we enter data or figuring out the new travel policy.

What to do?  First, recognize this “immunity.”  Second, write down what you really have to lose by implementing the change and then, what you might gain.  Think about your organization and why the change is being implemented.  If you must, celebrate the ending of the “old way.”  Mourn the days of unlimited expense accounts, look with longing at the old spreadsheet you used–now being replaced by a standardized process and system.  Call your friend who is being transferred to Kansas.

And through pure force of will, act.  In a new way.  You’ll find that it opens up capability to work through all the other causes of anxiety–because you’re building those change muscles.  And kicking that immunity!

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