Leaders Must Create the Conditions for Engagement

Engagement is impact achieved because you are a trusted member of a team working toward a meaningful organizational goal. So what part do leaders/managers play in engaging those who work with them? Leaders are responsible for creating the conditions for engagement to take place. It starts with mindset: as a leader, do you view your people as easily replaceable cogs in the machine? Or do you view them as whole people: body, mind, heart, and spirit? Whole people want to know the goal, what they can do to contribute, and be held accountable (body). They are more engaged if the goal taps into their talents and capabilities (heart) and requires intelligence and creativity (mind). Finally, people are more engaged if they understand the meaning of their contribution (spirit). To create those conditions requires a continuous focus on skill-set:

1. Clarifying purpose in a way that links to organizational strategy and demonstrates an understanding of the organization’s business/resource model. (Strategic thinking, business acumen, communication, team building)

2. Aligning systems, most importantly the execution system including scoreboards and accountability. Also, internal and external customer systems, core process alignment, and talent management. (Decision making, functional expertise, performance management, coaching, measurement).

3. Unleashing talent: How to talk to people about engagement, clear the path, and resolve conflict.

4. Inspire trust by acting in a way that honors the relationships as well as the results and demonstrates self-awareness and personal productivity.

For a great example of a leader creating the conditions for engagement, watch this video of Emma Brandon, the UK’s best leader.

FranklinCovey Leadership Video Preview: Emma Brandon

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  1. Vicky Cavanaugh says:

    Great post, Jennifer! I just sent it to my client.

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