Speech Topics *

*This is just a partial list, Jennifer can speak to any FranklinCovey offerings.

How to Create Your Ultimate Job and Make an Extraordinary Contribution

This speech is about getting (or keeping) a great job now and enjoying a great career for life. It challenges attendees to look at the contribution they would like to make through the lens of talents, passion, and conscience and then at defining career, project, and current-role contribution in a way that’s a win for them and their organization. The end in mind is increasing engagement in your current role, becoming more employable, and advancing one’s career.

Executive Mama: Lead at Work, at Home, and in the Community

This speech encourages realistic optimists to make conscious choices about their leadership style, strive for executive influence in influential organizations including business and government, and to provide a map as to the decisions to be made in order to earn the right to be called both executive and mama in the same lifetime.

Developing Learning/Business Unit Partnerships

Adapting to continuous changes in technology, customer preferences, market dynamics, and innovation requires continuous learning. And yet some organizations’ learning and organizational development groups are not aligned to the strategic imperatives of the business. This speech addresses the questions, process, and business acumen required of learning professionals in order to build partnerships with their business unit colleagues.

Effectiveness, Engagement, and Execution: Knowledge Worker Productivity

Effectiveness is getting results today in a way that allows us to get those results over and over again. In the workplace, that requires managers to clarify goals, engage the whole person (body, mind, heart, and spirit), and master the art of accountability. However, managers can only create the conditions for execution. Individuals must also view themselves as not only a job description, but as problem solvers with individual, unique contributions to make.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

In its 25th year in the marketplace, the 7 Habits continue to be the gold standard of personal and leadership development. More relevant than ever, the integration of these habits into an organization lead to increased employee engagement and retention, increased productivity of individuals and teams, improved trust, and increased innovation.

Creating Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times

If there is one thing that is certain in business, it’s uncertainty. Still, there are organizations that perform consistently and with excellence, regardless of the conditions. This speech is about getting predictable results in good times and bad by applying four key principles.

Keynotes (partial list)

  • Great Work, Great Career, North Dakota United, North Dakota
  • Stronger Together, AZWIN, Phoenix, AZ
  • Influencing Others, JDA Software, Phoenix, AZ
  • Culture is Your Ultimate Competitive Advantage, multiple organizations and US cities
  • Conscious Capitalism, University of Colorado Conscious Capitalism Conference, Boulder, CO
  • Creating a Culture of Community, Chief Learning Officer Symposium 14 and IABC Employee Engagement Conference
  • World Café Facilitator, WorldBlu Spreading Freedom at Work Conference, Denver, CO
  • Re-Engaging in Your Career, United States Veterans Administration, Orange County, CA
  • Building a Great Career, Orange County Executive Women, Orange County, CA
  • Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times, Intercontinental Hotel Americas Group, Austin, TX
  • The Speed of Trust, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Chicago, IL
  • Helping Clients Succeed: Creating Solutions to Exactly Meet Client Needs, FranklinCovey international partners, Czech Republic
  • Be Ready . . .To Talk Numbers, International Association of Business Communicators, Denver, CO
  • Creating Compelling Purpose, FranklinCovey Greatness Summits, seven US cities
  • Building Organizational Greatness, World@Work, Scottsdale, AZ
  • 7Habits for Executives, DeVry University, Chicago, IL
  • Leadership and Team Execution, Microsoft National Sales Excellence Organization Conference, Las Vegas, NV
  • 8th Habit Leadership: Find Your Voice and Inspire Others to Find Theirs, Western State Legislative Conference, Breckenridge, CO
  • Building Effective Leadership Programs, DeVry University, Chicago, IL
  • Building Business Acumen, multiple FranklinCovey clients, 7 US cities
  • Delivering Outcomes in Early Care, Lt. Governor’s Office of Collaboration, Denver, CO
  • Building a Business Case for Learning with Business Unit Leaders, FranklinCovey international partners, Toronto, Canada; Larnaca, Cyprus; Prague, Czech Republic
  • Executing on Strategy, HOK Architecture, London, UK
  • Leadership—Results and Capability, HON Furniture, Moline, IL
  • Maximizing the Potential of Virtual Teams, DePuy, IN
  • Mastering Information Overload, Crowe Chizek, Indianapolis, IN
  • McDonald’s Next Top Role Model, McDonald’s, Las Vegas, NV
  • Achieving Sustained Superior Performance Through Focus and Execution, Delaware Technical and Community College, Dover, DE
  • Improving Results by Valuing Differences and Finding Common Ground, Accenture
  • Principles of Leadership: Choice, Vision, Integrity, Northern Rockies Urban Regional Information Systems Association, Idaho State University, ID
  • Effective Individuals Build Effective Organizations, multiple FranklinCovey  clients, Athens, Greece

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