Team Building

My recipe for building a team:

  1.  Have a vision of what you’re trying to achieve, broken down into measureable goals that teammates understand how their actions impact the achievement of that goal and, eventually, the vision.
  2. Treat teammates with respect.  Remember the different intelligences and personality types and strengths and as long as someone is trustworthy, both character and competence, figure out a way to unleash their talents.
  3. Be someone trustworthy and consciously focus on the behaviors that build trust in the team.
  4. Celebrate success publicly.
  5. Address poor performance immediately.  It is totally de-motivating to be giving it your all for a goal while the person in the next cube plans her wedding.

I think it is nice to go to dinner occasionally, maybe do a training exercise for 15 minutes to remind yourself of a point (“make these shapes into four squares, no one can talk, only the person in possession of the shapes can . . .”)–do something retreat-like.  It builds relationships.  And relationships are just as  important as results if you want to be able to get those results more than one time.  But the most critical element to team building is working together on a common goal.  Achieving something cool with people you respect.

One Response to Team Building

  1. dave cracroft says:

    Dear Jen….
    It was good to read a bit of your blog. I appreciate you writing style. Very easy-to-read, yet robust with keen insights.
    I look forward to learning more from you. Thank you.
    Dave Cracroft

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